ENR 530 D

Applicable to the world water quality and power supplies, shapely and novel appearance, dynamic LCD display, imported acrylic touch screen, amazing electrolysis effect.

Why choose

  1. 3.8-inch colorful LCD display, Super large number display., man-machine interaction, convenient for middle-aged and old people to use.
  2. Flow rate, filter life span, pH, ORP automatic monitoring display, monitor the status of water in real time, help users select water correctly and make it easy to use.
  3. High-efficiency power supply system, suitable for all over the world, small power consumption, high efficiency, constant current and voltage output, to ensure the processing quality is more stable, more fully, more energy saving, automatically enter the green environmental protection standby state (power saving mode)
  4. CDC touch technology, powerful touch function, beautiful and durable, intuitive and easy to operate, just a touch, making your elegant life even more wonderful.
  5. Microcomputer automatic control electrolysis, suitable for all kinds of water quality TDS=50~1000ppm
  6. Equipped with a built-in filter system, real-time display filter status, improve water, secure water quality.
  7. Automatic elected cleaning function to prevent scaling.
  8. Japan imported stainless steel spout, never rust, freely changes the water outlet direction, convenient to use.
  9. Japan imported IONIC MEMBRANCE, Titanium with Platinum coating plates, efficiency electrolysis, and long working life.
  10. Built-in temperature protection system to prevent the machine from entering the hot water with too high temperature, ensuring the safety of the machine.
  11. Knob type flow control, avoid pre-filter taking too much pressure, more convenient to control the water flow.
Item Name
EHM Flagship Alkaline Water Lonizer
Item Model
ENR 530 D
Rated Voltage
AC 110V-240V 60Hz/50Hz (SMPS)
Rated Power
Stand by Power
pH Range
11 plates(pH2.8-11)
ORP Range
+500mv-- -800mv(MAX)
Applicable TDS Range
Applicable Water Pressure Range
Ambient Humidity
≤ 90%
Electrolysis Area
11 plates/800cm2
Plate Material
Japan Imported Titanium with Platinum Coating Electrode
Cleaning Method
Automatically cleaned after use for 10 seconds of alkaline water, with multi-stage cleaning settings, you can also set it to be cleaned at 30L -90L.
Display Method
3.8-inch colorful LCD screen
Display Content
Alkaline water, acid water, purified water, filter life span, flow rate, time, production dynamics, pH, ORP
Electrolysis Levels
Hydrogen Water, Alkaline Water, Purified Water and Acid Water
Control Method
Micro Computer Control
Electrolysis Method
Continuous Electrolysis
Safety Protection
Over Current Protection
Continuous Electrolysis Time
≤ 30 Minutes
Filter Material
High Performance Fiber Carbon Filter
Filter Life
Span Replace the filter form 3000L-12000L according to the different water quality. (About 3-12 Months)


Electrolysis Process

Filtered tap water passes into a chamber. Next, an electrical charges is introduces into this water. In chemistry, opposites attract each other. Cations, positively changed icons gather at the negative electrode to create alkaline water, which concentrates available alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium form the source water. Anions, negatively charged ions gather at the positive elected to make acid or oxidized water, which concentrates acid minerals such as nitrates, sulfides, chlorides, and fluorides from the source water.

pH Alkaline

1. Initial Drinking

pH 7.5~8.0
It is suitable for children under the age of 1 to drink. Brewing milk powder with it can enrich calcium to promote calcium absorption so that infants and young children grow and develop healthier.

2. Daily Drinking

pH 8.0~8.5
A cup of water rich in active hydrogen, make scattered free radicals nowhere to escape, small molecule structure to make it easier to absorb

3. Making Tea or Coffee

pH 8.5~9.0
Antioxidant tea Gan Ning, anti-radiation tea polyphenols of the fresh green tea completely released when meeting electrolysis water, which will make our body no longer under sub-health condition. Using alkaline reducing water, effectively synthesize blood alcohol acid, prevent hangover, and make your hangover disappears quickly.

4. Cooking Meals

pH 9.5~10.0
The water carry the boat; also can cook porridge. Cooking the food with electrolyzed reducing water keep the natural aroma of food and the natural nourishment of the ingredients are better preserved in the cooking, reducing the loss of nutrition, and making the delicious taste more delicious.

pH Acid

1. Facial & Skin Cleaning

pH 5.5~6.0
Skin care Foot Bath, Bath Relieve Acnes Handle the Wounds Clean Decontamination Remove the Smell of Food

2. Sterilization & Disinfection

pH 5.0~5.5
Acidic electrolyzed water is weak acid with positive potential, contains a large amount of oxygen, which can make bacteria lose the living environment. With a powerful bactericidal disinfection effect that can be used for kitchen tableware disinfection but also to avoid clothing mildew.