ENR 720 D

With 3 Super Large Plates, and a modern / elegant yet simple-type appearance, this Ionizers is certainly Top of the line!


  1. Using an Advanced touch control panel technology, it is easier and more sensitive to be operate. The installation of the water ionizer is also very simple and convenient!
  2. Includes a Super large 3.8-inch LCD colorful screen, the LCD Displays ORP, PH, flow rate, temperature and process of the water.
  3. The Microcomputer automatic control system for the electrolysis can work with the water TDS from 50 to 1500PPM.
  4. This water ionizer has 8 Super- large titanium — platinum coated plates ( Total surface area is more than 1600cm2) which increases usage life. System also has self-cleaning function.
  5. Ph levels are from 2.5 to 11.2 and ORP level from 550mv to -850mv.
  6. There is mineral port at the top of the system for adding minerals as needed.
  7. Uses high-power SMPS power supply, the working voltage is from 110V to 240V universal and is very safe and reliable. The system also has a built-in overheating radiator and continuous working function.
  8. Includes changeable power cord for different power plug from different country.
  9. It has built-in dual filters to bid farewell to an external filter system, to make sure the water quality is good for both body health and machine safe.
  10. There is a built-in heating system, which can produce hot water temperature from 950 F to 136.4 OF, ensures the feature of hot alkaline water and without damaging your ionizer.
Power Supply(SMPS)
AC220V, 50Hz or 110v, 60HZ
Electrolyzing power
Stand by power
Heating power
2000W ± 10%
Input water pressure
Working water TDS range
Working flow rate range
Plates material
Titanium with platinum coating
Plate size
Numbers of plate
Continuous strong electrolyzing ability
30 min
Total handing water capacity
pH value
2.5 to 11.2
ORP value
+500 to -800MV
The highest water temperature for continuous working
58 Degree (Centigrade)
Machine size
height 380mm* width 280mm* depth 175mm



What should I expect trom drinking Ionized Alkaline Water?

This will initially depend on what pH strength when you begin drinking Ionized Alkaline Water. water ionizer separates water into alkaline and acid fractions using a process known as electrolysis. Ionized Water provides your body with lots of oxygen that is why it gives us more energy. Alkaline Water is wonderful to cook with because it helps hydrate the food and bring out its flavor. However, other changes in your body after drinking Ionized Water will be much more subtle and will take some time. If you have accumulated acid waste in your system, it probably took years for you to get into that condition and it will take some time to reverse it. As the body is slowly brought into pH balance by drinking Ionized Water, it will naturally begin to function more efficiently and problems will begin to correct themselves. By the way, Ionized Water is smoother tasting than usual water. lonzed Water makes better tasting tea, coffee, juice and other beverages.

Is there anyone who should not drink Ionized Alkaline Water?

Elderly people must start by drinking very small amounts of Ionized Alkaline Water. For example; 8 oz. of strength level 1 (one) Ionized Alkaline Water per day because of heavy metals and other toxins that have accumulated in their bodies. You do not want to detox too quickly and cause a healing reaction. Occasionally years of medication has accumulated in them. Children 3 years and younger should not drink Ionized Alkaline Waterwe recommend that they only drink the purified water from the Ionizer. Children between the ages of 4 years and 12 years should only drink Ionize Alkaline Water at strength level 1 (one) and strength level 2 (two). Children between the ages of 4 and 12 years of age should never drink Ionized Alkaline Water at strength level 3 (three)

Can a person alter their pH too much trom drinking Ionized Alkaline Water?

People have been known to drink as much as four to eight liters of Ionized Alkaline Water every day and gotten great benefit from it. And they have not become too alkaline. On the contrary, one of the most common imbalances people have today that leads to health problems is that they are too acidic. Our body pH should be approximately 7.2 (measured through saliva or urine). The more acidic we are, meaning a 6.6 pH or lower, the greater opportunity we have provided disease to flourish in us. In fact, it is rare for a person to acquire Alkalosis, the condition of being too alkaline. We should always drink Alkaline Water and eat Alkaline Foods such as fruits and vegetables.

How much water should I drink and at what level?

You should drink half your body weight in ounces per day. For example, a person weighing 100 pounds should drink 50 ounces. You should start slow at strength Level 1 (one), drinking 1-3 glasses per day for the first week. You may increase the number of glasses per day during the first week if you do not notice any side effects. If you do not feel any flu like symptoms at the end of the first week, move up to strength Level 2 (two). On strength Level 2 (two), drink 1-3 glasses per day for the first week. You may increase the number of glasses per day during the first week if you're feeling good. On average, two to three weeks per level; work your way up to a 10.5 pH (strength Level 3 (three). The higher the strength level of Ionized Water you can drink, the better it is for you because the water is more Alkaline, more Detoxifying, and a stronger Antioxidant that provides your body with more Oxygen.

How does Ionized Alkaline Water affect athletes?

In an extremely positive way, as you might expect. Blood oxygen levels will rise at varying amounts with regular use of strong Ionized Water. This increases stamina, endurance and provides the muscles tissue and organs with high amounts of oxygen, which the human body often lacks, even in athletes because inadequate diets. Proper hydration sustains the body's physiological responses in all activities, but the physical and mental stresses ot athletic training and competition magnify the importance of hydration. Numerous studies conducted on athletes since the 1940s have demonstrated that even mild dehydration impairs performance. Current thought is that athletes consuming a traditional Western diet have consumed an abundance of salt, so there is no need to replace salt when exercise last less than two hours. Water that has been alkalinized may help neutralize the exercise induced acidosis (lactic acid build up), since the pH of alkaline water is high. Ionized water may help act as a free-radical scavenger to address the issue of accelerated oxygen consumption. Ionized water is microclustered, so it may be absorbed at a taster rate, helping with rehydration. Dr. Peter L. Kopko, D.C., recommends drinking 13 to 20 ounces (2-3 cups) of water 2 hours before exercise and 5 to 10 ounces (about 1-2 cups) every 15 to 20 minutes of exercise, depending on your total body weight.